Founded in 1994, in São Paulo, Brazil, Bioessens has grown steadily under the visionary leadership of Iwao Shimizu.  We strive to deliver our Clients rich and lasting experiences, by delivering the very best product, through the very best service. Our Green Propolis products are recognized worldwide as being effective, of the highest grade, and competitive.

Our Journey So Far

Around 2001, technological logistic and operational improvement were necessary in order to keep meeting the high demands from companies of the Food, Pharmaceutical and Personal care sectors. Now, we can supply not only the usual Best Green Raw Propolis, but also its Extracts in many presentations.

Values & Objectives

Our focus lies in finding ways to deliver satisfaction to our Clients. So we follow these core guidelines:

  • We care about people, their well-being.
  • By being humble, we do our best to really understand people’s needs.
  • Be sincere, be real.
  • Be curious.
  • Look for excellence in all things.
  • Respect Nature and the human being, with all its diversity.


Our Laboratory


Technical Staff: With specialized, well trained and constantly updating their skills, our technical staff guarantee Quality is, at all times, above the highest international standards.

Infrastructure: With state-of-the-art equipment, always calibrated, qualified and validated according to international and local regulation, we guarantee the highest quality of each product.

Research & Development: Our expert team can always create new products, following your specific guidelines.


We dedicate all our efforts to guarantee our Clients only the BEST Propolis Products.


Name of CEO   Daniel Shimizu
Year of Establishment   1994
Nature of Business   Wholesaler of Bee related products, specially Brazilian Raw Green Propolis and Brazilian Green Propolis extracts.
Main markets   Japan, Taiwan, China, USA, Canada, South Korea


  • Mr. Daniel Ken Shimizu
  • Bioessens Ltda.
  • Av. Mal. Fiuza de Castro, 492 - Jd. Pinheiros, São Paulo, Brazil - 05596-000
  • +55-11-46123885
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